About Us

In 2013, my husband and I, together with our two girls, moved back to Singapore from Norway because of our job postings. Due to the longer working hours and commute time vs Norway, having a live in helper became a necessity rather than a luxury.

We were lucky with our first helper. However in late 2014, my helper was transferred to another employer as I was expecting and she was not confident of taking care of the baby plus my two girls. During our search for a new helper, we had to change a few helpers in 2015 before we finally found the one. Changing of helpers is a very stressful and time consuming process. We were often frustrated by the poor level of service or pushy agents or the lack of full truth from the agencies we came across.

As busy working parents, we understand that life itself is a balancing act and you need a domestic helper who is reliable and trustworthy. Every parent wants what’s best for their nurturing home—that is why we are very appreciative of having a good helper who lends us a helping hand, takes care of our kids, daily household chores and prepare simple and tasty meals. We understand that finding a good helper is dependent on luck but we also realize that having a good agency who takes time to understand the employers’ requirements and the competence and expectations of their helpers is equally if not more important. The whole ordeal of sorting through listings and profiles can get quite daunting and pressurising especially when you do not have much experience in employing helpers.

Hence with that as the background, Best Housekeeper is started with the aim of filling this gap and providing professional quality service to both the employers as well as the helpers. Our focus is mainly to make your life easier by improving the entire process of hiring a domestic helper and eliminate the hassle when it comes to the successful placement of experienced helpers (transfer or ex Singapore). We understand peace of mind and serenity in the home is what your family needs.

We hope to assist you soon.

Serene Haland